Day 21, £508 donated so far

It was the best surprise when I received a handwritten letter from a friend exactly five weeks ago today. I recall the date because it was Pancake Day and the envelope had the Royal Mail stamp commemorating the special occasion. I remember how instantly excited I felt when I saw the letter amongst the usualContinue reading “Day 21, £508 donated so far”

Day 17, £431 donated so far

One of my favourite things about this my1825 project is how much I’m learning about the World. I am learning about the people and the causes that I am supporting, family and friends are sharing their wonderful stories about volunteering and I’m reading more blogs than before and learning about acts of kindness all overContinue reading “Day 17, £431 donated so far”

Day 12, £426 donated so far

As a child I was always most excited when my mum received a letter from the child she was sponsoring via Plan International. It was exhilarating to learn about the life of another child in a different country through their heartfelt letters, happy photos of them with their family and their colourful drawings depicting theirContinue reading “Day 12, £426 donated so far”

Day 10, £192 donated so far

I was moved by The One Show‘s segment about food banks on Thursday evening. There was one comment, in particular, that impacted me. One of the food bank users, a parent, expressed her concern that, as the UK’s nurseries and schools close for the foreseeable future and the children of non-key workers will stay atContinue reading “Day 10, £192 donated so far”

Day 4, £95 donated so far

It’s my nan’s birthday this weekend. She’s holidaying in India so I thought I would celebrate in her honour by contributing to this endeavour. My nan also wouldn’t want me to spend any money on her. Each time I’ve tried to celebrate her birthday – even with a single shared slice of egg-free birthday cakeContinue reading “Day 4, £95 donated so far”

Day 3, £86 donated so far

While COVID-19 persists as a global threat and also reduces my opportunities for making in person donations, I have decided to continue with electronic ones for the time being. A beautiful occasion presented itself to me, this time, on my literal doorstep, when I opened an envelope with a partially completed address to find aContinue reading “Day 3, £86 donated so far”

Day 1, £36 donated so far

It’s as if the Universe approved my quest when the perfect first donation opportunity landed on my virtual doorstep through a WhatsApp status post. A particularly meaningful one too. Keep reading. A dear colleague, who will be doing her first cycling marathon in a few months, has decided to use the event to raise moneyContinue reading “Day 1, £36 donated so far”