Day 4, £95 donated so far

It’s my nan’s birthday this weekend. She’s holidaying in India so I thought I would celebrate in her honour by contributing to this endeavour. My nan also wouldn’t want me to spend any money on her. Each time I’ve tried to celebrate her birthday – even with a single shared slice of egg-free birthday cakeContinue reading “Day 4, £95 donated so far”

Day 3, £86 donated so far

While COVID-19 persists as a global threat and also reduces my opportunities for making in person donations, I have decided to continue with electronic ones for the time being. A beautiful occasion presented itself to me, this time, on my literal doorstep, when I opened an envelope with a partially completed address to find aContinue reading “Day 3, £86 donated so far”

Day 1, £36 donated so far

It’s as if the Universe approved my quest when the perfect first donation opportunity landed on my virtual doorstep through a WhatsApp status post. A particularly meaningful one too. Keep reading. A dear colleague, who will be doing her first cycling marathon in a few months, has decided to use the event to raise moneyContinue reading “Day 1, £36 donated so far”