Day 291, £1262 donated so far

I have recently started asking new teammates to prepare a shield to show me in our first 1-to-1. We take turns during the 1-to-1 meeting to share our shields – divulging our core values and favourite quotes as well as describing what we’re like at our best and our hopes of working together. I knowContinue reading “Day 291, £1262 donated so far”

Day 228, £795 donated so far

I felt deflated this morning when a plan to go for a long Sunday morning walk with a friend was cancelled at short notice. I’d been looking forward to catching up with him after so long and doing that while surrounded by nature. I’ve often allowed for this type of disappointment to impact me moreContinue reading “Day 228, £795 donated so far”

Day 21, £508 donated so far

It was the best surprise when I received a handwritten letter from a friend exactly five weeks ago today. I recall the date because it was Pancake Day and the envelope had the Royal Mail stamp commemorating the special occasion. I remember how instantly excited I felt when I saw the letter amongst the usualContinue reading “Day 21, £508 donated so far”

Day 17, £431 donated so far

One of my favourite things about this my1825 project is how much I’m learning about the World. I am learning about the people and the causes that I am supporting, family and friends are sharing their wonderful stories about volunteering and I’m reading more blogs than before and learning about acts of kindness all overContinue reading “Day 17, £431 donated so far”

Day 12, £426 donated so far

As a child I was always most excited when my mum received a letter from the child she was sponsoring via Plan International. It was exhilarating to learn about the life of another child in a different country through their heartfelt letters, happy photos of them with their family and their colourful drawings depicting theirContinue reading “Day 12, £426 donated so far”

Day 10, £192 donated so far

I was moved by The One Show‘s segment about food banks on Thursday evening. There was one comment, in particular, that impacted me. One of the food bank users, a parent, expressed her concern that, as the UK’s nurseries and schools close for the foreseeable future and the children of non-key workers will stay atContinue reading “Day 10, £192 donated so far”