life lesson

Last Monday, on her way to the park for her morning stroll, my mum found a £10 note. She is certain the teenage schoolboy, who was walking ahead of her with his headphones in and his hands stuffed in his trouser pockets, had dropped it. She called after him but he didn’t hear her.

She quickly donated the money to charity but she’s since been despairing about the boy’s fate that day. How did he get to school without his bus fare? How did he pay for lunch? Will he have to go without all week?

Her friend and I have tried to console her with more positive outcomes. Maybe now he’ll invest in a wallet and discover a love for accessories? Maybe he was going to spend it on sweets and this saved him? Maybe now he’ll be so focussed on money that this will be a turning point to make him a multi-millionaire?

Tomorrow is Monday. My mum has set her alarm for nice and early, she’s put a £10 note in her purse and in the morning she’ll be off to find out the answer. Place your bets.

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