to be or not to be

Each morning, in my journal, I write a word that I aim to achieve that day. I refer to this word every few hours to keep me on track and then, in the evening, I reflect if my actions embodied the word I’d selected.

On Wednesday, two weeks ago, the word was “patience”. It’s ironic that I’ve never been less patient in my entire life than I was on that day. I was running a series of errands. The moment I got to the bank for my first task, only to find that the bank had recently delayed their Wednesday opening time, I’d exhausted my patience quota.

It’s very challenging to simply be in a specific state. I can’t just be excited; I can’t just be patient.

With this is in mind I chose patience as my goal for the following day and selected “compassion” as my word to focus on. It was incredible. I can achieve patience by being compassionate. Now, that’s exciting.

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