emergency friends

I’m in the waiting room of my local A&E. Everyone is looking at their phones. Well, everyone except me. I’m preoccupied assessing each person to guess the variety of incidents that brought this group of strangers together on an overcast Saturday afternoon.

Aside from the discomfort I’m in, I’m actually having a lovely time. There’s something cosy about having this semi shared experience with all these people and, knowing that I will spend the next few hours here, I feel quite at peace watching the comings and goings of the hospital.

Barry, his real name, is sitting next to me. He just returned from seeing the triage nurse and is now on the phone telling someone he’ll be a while yet and to leave his dinner in the oven. I haven’t a clue what ailment Barry is suffering from today but I deeply wish him a speedy recovery so he can go home to his loved one.

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