Day 291, £1262 donated so far

I have recently started asking new teammates to prepare a shield to show me in our first 1-to-1. We take turns during the 1-to-1 meeting to share our shields – divulging our core values and favourite quotes as well as describing what we’re like at our best and our hopes of working together.

I know 2020 took us all by surprise. I feel the same for the year we had at work. In a year where we had an unprecedented workload, a departure of many of our experienced teammates and a long pause on overdue promotions – I was most overwhelmed by the camaraderie of my team. I was in awe every day at how they pulled together to look out for each other and to support one other to achieve their best work.

The theme of all my “shield 1-to-1s” is support: I am supportive at my best and I hope to be part of a supportive team. I am proud to say it is true that each of my teammates truly lives by this value. In keeping with that theme I have donated £432 to Centrepoint to sponsor three homeless young people to each have a room for a year along with the essential support to help them turn their lives around.

Thank you, Neon, for making a difference each day during an exceptional year.

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