Day 228, £795 donated so far

I felt deflated this morning when a plan to go for a long Sunday morning walk with a friend was cancelled at short notice. I’d been looking forward to catching up with him after so long and doing that while surrounded by nature.

I’ve often allowed for this type of disappointment to impact me more than I wish it had done. I would focus on a feeling of rejection instead of looking for the opportunity in the time that had been gifted to me from the cancelled plan. I chose to respond differently this morning.

It’s exactly five months today since I last posted on and I realise I am 80 days behind my £5 per day goal. I have chosen to reignite my important mission by donating £55 to the National Trust by purchasing a stylish backpack from the gift store that I can use on future nature walks.

I’m very glad that – while one special plan didn’t go ahead today – the extra time allowed me the opportunity to get back on track and that is the best outcome I could’ve hoped for.

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