Day 74, £715 donated so far

After an extensive debate this morning about each other’s cleaning skills, my mum and I decided it would be appropriate to make amends by listing five things we in fact like about one another. I realised this was a tall order when “you do a good weekly food shop” was her third point for me.

Aside from the occasional bit of friction on trivial matters I enjoy being in lockdown with my mum. She and I don’t spend much time together – it seems we only meet for dinner and to watch the weekend government briefings – but neither of us feel lonely being in our own company for the rest of the time. There is a general feeling of comfort and ease between us that I do not take for granted.

I started to research how people are coping with loneliness during lockdown when I was surprised to read that a 2016 survey from the British Red Cross and Co-op identified that young people suffer from feeling lonely more than any other age group. Belong, an initiative from the Co-op Foundation that was started after that survey, is focused on beating loneliness in young people through a series of programs centered on connection and social action. I have donated £20 to their cause to end this suffering for such a vulnerable demographic.

In a moment of unprecedented candour my mum listed “you care about me” as the fifth item on her list. It’s of course true that I do. I feel it is a real privilege to care about someone and to have someone care about you too. So, in an equal turn of events, I stated that as the fifth item on my list too and I’m pleased to say we were back to being friends before midday.

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