Day 30, £675 donated so far

I love waking up to a WhatsApp chat full of photos of my sister’s and brother-in-law’s 8 month old puppy that they send through to me each night. The photos are invariably of Buddy sleeping camouflaged amongst his dog teddy bears or him memorised by a dog on TV. He looks so cute in all of them.

The photos of him bring me so much joy in normal circumstances. However, during this time of isolation, they’ve almost become a lifeline. A vital distraction. I am not alone in feeling this way. Since the UK went into lockdown, there has been a sharp increase in requests to adopt and foster dogs from animal charities.

I am fortunate that, although I can’t see their puppy in person at the moment, I can video call with him. I love calling his name, seeing his little head tilt trying to establish where my voice is coming from and then watching him bark at the porch door because that’s where I normally call his name when I visit them. It’s the same ritual each time I video call but I’ll never tire of it.

In these challenging times for all charities I have decided to sponsor a dog for £52 for a year through The Dog’s Trust, the UK’s largest dog welfare charity. In fact, as I was signing up, I felt inspired to gift this sponsorship to a friend who longs for a dog of his own. He will get a selection of photos, at least three update letters about his dog and, when the isolation comes to an end, he will be able to visit his new friend. I’m so excited for him to get his surprise welcome pack through the post!

In the meantime I will continue to forward all my puppy photos to him each morning for him to enjoy and I know he will continue to share them with his nieces to enjoy too. I simply love that, while we’re all in isolation and sharing his adorable photos, Buddy has no idea that he is – as his name suggests – bringing so much happiness by being everyone’s little friend.

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