Day 24, £608 donated so far

More than a fifth of the World is on lockdown to save hundreds of thousands of lives from COVID-19. Each day we’re reminded that staying home is the single way in which we can all contribute to the global fight against this disease. I understand it but I can’t stop thinking about those, for whom, their home isn’t the place of safety it should be.

Refuge supports adults and children in the UK against domestic abuse. On the first Saturday of the UK lockdown, Refuge reported a 65% increase in calls to their national domestic abuse helpline. There was also a reported increase in traffic to their website and the websites of similar organisations. The UK statistics for domestic abuse are unbearable to read and I’m fully aware these numbers are only the reported cases.

It is wonderful to see that increased financial support has been provided by some governments and government websites have been updated to offer more help. I have donated £100 to Refuge and I’ve also volunteered for their helpline. I know it is all vital to keeping more people safe and well during this global crisis.

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