Day 17, £431 donated so far

One of my favourite things about this my1825 project is how much I’m learning about the World. I am learning about the people and the causes that I am supporting, family and friends are sharing their wonderful stories about volunteering and I’m reading more blogs than before and learning about acts of kindness all over our planet. It’s very humbling.

Today I have been moved to action by a beautiful 10 year old with a very caring heart. My friend’s daughter will use her time at home, while the UK schools are closed, to grow her hair with the view of donating it to an organisation that can provide free wigs to children who have sadly lost their hair due to cancer. She has wanted to do this for a while and – upon listening to her mother’s advice – has been meticulous in keeping her hair in good health by conditioning it. I am in absolute awe of her determination to help others and to do it well.

I did some research into hair donations and found The Little Princess Trust. TLPT was established in 2006 by Simon and Wendy Tarplee in loving memory of their daughter, Hannah, who passed away from paediatric cancer. TLPT provide hundreds of free wigs each year to young people who have lost their hair due to medical reasons. Since 2016, through their phenomenal fundraising efforts, they have also been funding research into paediatric cancer. I was joyed to read that Kate Middleton donated seven inches of her hair to TLPT.

In my last post I mentioned that I will reduce the pace of my electronic donations to reserve some funds for in person ones. However I was so touched by my friend’s daughter’s quest that I felt compelled to show my support. I will also grow my hair during the UK lockdown but, knowing that this won’t make much progress for me, I have donated £5 to the TLPT. It’s more important to me that I can help put a smile on someone’s face than it is to keep to my approach. So I will reduce the amount, but not the pace, of my donations.

Thank you, SS (a different one from Day 1), for reminding me about the importance of working each day towards making a difference. Now, let the hair growing race begin!

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