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In my first blog post I explained the objective of the my1825 project: To make regular in person donations over 12 months. I aspired to donate £5, in person, each day, achieving an annual donation total of £1825. However due to the current social distancing measures because of COVID-19, I have not managed to follow my ambition very closely at all. I have made donations but mostly electronic ones and – when making these – I’ve personally found it more appropriate to donate more than £5 each time. As a result I’m at the end of week two of this initiative and I’ve already donated 23% of the target amount.

I’ve decided that – while the UK is on lockdown for the next three weeks – I will reduce the pace of donations to reserve funds for the in person donations per my original intention but I will continue with writing the frequent blog posts because I enjoy it. In fact I was considering what to write about today when – yes, you may have guessed it – the answer presented itself to me, this time, on my electronic doorstep via my email inbox.

It was an email from Rapanui, a sustainable clothing line based on the Isle of Wight. I bought my first super stylish, ethically sourced, environmentally friendly jumper from them a few years ago. That jumper changed my life. I will share that beautiful story in a future post but, for now, I will tell you about Rapanui’s email.

Rapanui print and ship t-shirts for over 100 charities as a revenue generating stream for them. However with charities having to cancel many of their fundraising events due to COVID-19, Rapanui have very generously decided to reallocate £100k of their advertising fund to support the valuable work of these charities during this challenging period. Incredible.

Their email reminded me of the dream I mentioned in my first blog post: That the my1825 project becomes a movement. A movement of people executing their own version of my1825 – be that donations or time or acts of kindness – each making a difference to the World every day. When I had that dream, I envisaged everyone wearing t-shirts emblazoned with my1825 project text. I stepped closer to that vision today by using Rapanui’s custom t-shirt platform to design and order the first ever my1825 project t-shirt! I am beyond excited for it to arrive.

I am forever thankful to Rapanui for continuing to change my life for the better and for allowing me to join them in making a difference to the lives of others. Thank you.

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