Day 12, £426 donated so far

As a child I was always most excited when my mum received a letter from the child she was sponsoring via Plan International.

It was exhilarating to learn about the life of another child in a different country through their heartfelt letters, happy photos of them with their family and their colourful drawings depicting their favourite hobbies. I remember that my mum would place their photos on the cabinet right next to our own childhood ones. It felt like we were one family.

I know my mum has sponsored multiple children over the past 30 years. I must’ve been in my early 20s when I asked my mum about her sponsorship. I asked her why she donated to this cause on a monthly basis when, as a working class single parent, it would’ve been completely understandable if this was not a priority to her. “I thought that if I can help someone to raise their children, then maybe God will help me to raise mine”.

The UK is celebrating Mother’s Day today. I have chosen to use this special occasion to continue my mum’s legacy in sponsoring a child. I have just signed up to sponsor a child through the same organisation by donating £19.50 per month for the next 12 months. I now eagerly anticipate the arrival of my own letters to learn about the new child joining my extended family.

Happy Mother’s Day, Kam. You’re an inspiration.

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