Day 10, £192 donated so far

I was moved by The One Show‘s segment about food banks on Thursday evening. There was one comment, in particular, that impacted me. One of the food bank users, a parent, expressed her concern that, as the UK’s nurseries and schools close for the foreseeable future and the children of non-key workers will stay at home, she simply cannot afford to feed her children three meals a day.

My local food bank website states that 90% of the food they distribute comes directly from public donations of food items. I think it is reasonable to assume that the donations to my local food bank and others are very limited at the moment but the demand is on the rise.

I have decided that until the response to this pandemic can be relaxed, each time I go food shopping, I will be more mindful of my purchases and, wherever possible, I will use my ration to buy items to give to a food bank. I did this for the first time today spending £12 on the most needed items listed on my local food bank’s website: cereal bars, instant noodles and tinned vegetables. I will make the donation on Monday.

Thank you to The One Show for raising awareness of this important cause.

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