In my last post I stated that we are presented with countless opportunities to make donations every time we leave our homes.  I feel I need to correct myself on this.  The impact of our current pandemic on this is visible.  There is now a distinct absence of fundraisers on our high streets. 

It is understandable that we are all occupied with personal survival and that of our loved ones during this turbulent time. Although our social media feeds are full of beautiful stories about kindness – anecdotes of communities pulling together to support those who are most vulnerable – I wonder how charities are faring during this time. I can only imagine that, at a time when they need to support the vulnerable population the most, they have dwindling resources (donations and volunteers) for this vital work.

I recently downloaded the easyfundraising® app to raise money for a primary school. easyfundraising® generates revenue via affiliate marketing. For each time you connect to a retailer’s website via the app and make a purchase, the retailer pays a small commission to easyfundraising®, 50% of which goes directly to the cause you are supporting as a total every three months. The cost of an item on a retailer’s website is exactly the same as if you went to the retailer’s website directly. I am sure there are other organisations using this fundraising model but it seems easyfundraising® is the UK’s largest with over 4000 retailers and over £31 million raised so far. Wow!

This is an amazing cost free way of raising money to support a charity that is important to you. It is particularly important as online shopping becomes more and more common. The UK’s Office for National Statistics states that 20% of UK retail sales in January 2020 were executed online, an increase of 8.2% over the last five years.

On a personal note: I do wonder if easyfundraising® can work with our major UK supermarkets to, at least temporarily, increase their commission on this platform so that, while we navigate this health crisis and online grocery shopping is at its absolute peak as a result, we can continue to raise funds to support the valuable work of our charities while our streets are looking quite bare.

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