Day 1, £36 donated so far

It’s as if the Universe approved my quest when the perfect first donation opportunity landed on my virtual doorstep through a WhatsApp status post. A particularly meaningful one too. Keep reading.

A dear colleague, who will be doing her first cycling marathon in a few months, has decided to use the event to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. MCS, along with the wonderful people at her local hospital, provided exceptional care to her beloved grandfather who sadly passed away in January 2020. I deeply admire my colleague for using this experience to motivate her to achieve her upcoming physical feat.

Undoubtedly like others embarking on a new endeavour I had my doubts before I started this blog. Namely I questioned if a blog was a good use of my time and if I was too old, at 36, to be starting a personal blog years after the World seems to have moved on to newer platforms.

I take reassurance from the uncanny timing of the WhatsApp post from my colleague, who I not only hold in high regard for her work ethic but also for her confidence in being true to herself, that the blog is a worthwhile pursuit. With that in mind I have donated £36 to her cause and I’ve also achieved my first milestone.

Thank you, SS, for inspiring me and for helping me to kick start my journey in a remarkable way.

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